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It’s go time!

" Facilites create Oppurtunites "

Our Locations

AO Shirley Ground


Softball fields



Who is Recreation Trust ?

Recreation Trust Overview
The Recreation Trust is a statutory organization which falls under the Ministry of
Education and Culture and assists the Ministry with the development and maintenance of
recreational grounds and facilities throughout the Territory.

On 17 th January 1966, the Government of the Virgin Islands formed the Constitution of
Recreation Trust Ordinance.
Recreation Trust has twenty-seven (27) facilities currently under its management.

“Our Mission"

The Recreation Trust aims to ensure proper stewardship of its facilities while upholding the highest maintence standards and cultivatiing efficient services

" Vision "

“ The Recreation Trust will provide visionary planning that focuses on program development, effective scheduling at safe and well-maintained recreational facilities and promotion of an active lifestyle." 

" Facilities create opportunities "

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